14.02.2014 | Spomlek awarded the grants
In the first round of the grant programme “Spomplek - Działaj z pasją” (Spomlek - Act with passion) as much as 41 organizations submitted 46 applications. High diversity of projects, their originality, as well as the positive effect they can have on the direct neighbourhood put the selection committee before a hard choice. Finally, the committee decided to award 22 grants for the activities to be implemented this year already.    
14.01.2014 | We support the Great Orchestra
Every year, our Cooperative gives cheese hearts made of Bursztyn and various gadgets to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. These are very popular among the bidders.    
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08.01.2014 | The new television campaign of the Serenada brand
The SERENADA brand of cheese started the new year with a strong marketing strike. From January 6th the brand’s advertising spots are shown by the biggest television stations in Poland.      
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13.12.2013 | Act with passion
For many years the Spomlek Dairy Cooperative has supported activities of institutions, the purpose of which is development of the local community and nursing the common good values. For this reason, at the beginning of 2014 we decided to start the “Spomlek - Act with passion” subsidy programme.      
Obrazek dla aktualności
13.12.2013 | Spomlek granted the scholarships
Seven students will receive their scholarships from the Spomlek Dairy Cooperative in the academic year 2013/2014. This is already the third edition of the SM Spomlek’s Scholarship Programme. 
13.12.2013 | Healthy Cow reaps benefits for both breeders and animals
The Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW has summarised another year of the continuing Healthy Cow programme. As the biggest successes were considered: improvement of the economic situation of farms and increasing the output level of cows and maintaining preferable milk parameters at the same time. The programme’s organizer - Spomlek Dairy Cooperative from Radzyń Podlaski expects that the coming year will bring another consistent growths.    
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