How to become our supplier?

After contacting our resources department we will send a Resources Department inspector to provide you with information concerning the terms and conditions of sales, and at the same time answer all questions you might have. As part of his visit, our inspector will also take a milk sample which we will examine in our laboratories in order to determine the somatic cells count (SCC), the content of albumen and urea, and the number of bacteria. The results of the examination are subsequently submitted to the Resources Department. If the parameters of the sample are consistent with our requirements (a SCC lower than 400 thousand, number of bacteria lower than 100 thousand), the manager will contact the farmer to inform whether the farm is suitable for being a supplier. An outsourcing agreement is then signed and documentation concerning the farm is completed. After the agreement is concluded, the supplier is recorded in the database of Spomlek DC and a schedule for receiving the raw material is determined.