20.02.2014 |
Golden Gouda with fenugreek

In the international competition “Łutszyj produkt-2014” organized at the PRODEXPO Moscow 2014 fairs, the Gouda with fenugreek cheese from Spomlek was awarded the Golden Medal. Almost 1500 products submitted by 500 producers were competing for the medals.



SPOMLEK has exhibited at PRODEXPO every year for the last 15 years. This year, customers from all over the world have been drawn by a 30-metre booth and the following new products: Gouda with fenugreek, Gouda with ginger, Gouda with garlic, Gouda with nigella, Gouda with herbs and tomatoes. The exhibited product portfolio also included cheeses know perfectly well to our Russian customers, i.e. RADAMER, STARY OLĘDER, KASZTAN and HOLLENDER. 

The 22nd PRODEXPO 2014 fairs held on 10-14 February is the biggest food-fairs in Russia and the Eastern Europe. This year, exhibition booths and stalls occupied the area of more than 100 thousand square metres in 35 halls. 2300 exhibitors from 63 countries presented their products at the fairs. For companies that wish to expand their export to the eastern countries, participation in the Moscow fairs is a necessity. 

- The fairs are crucial to shaping the customer relations, as well as winning new recipients. Face-to-face meetings tighten the bond and facilitate negotiations- explains Elżbieta Kossak, Spomlek’s export specialist.