Offer for milk suppliers

Spomlek DC offers its suppliers the purchase of the equipment required to produce milk. We make sure that the equipment we offer is both the most suitable and competitive in terms of its price.

We have a highly suitable feed storehouse on our premises to store the products we offer. This makes it possible for us to purchase greater amounts of product at lower prices. By achieving competitive prices on the products we offer reduces the production costs and, consequently, increases the income of our suppliers. There are two ways in which payment for goods purchased can be effected: financial settlement for the milk supplied and instalments bearing no interest. Equipment purchased will be delivered directly to the supplier.

Trainers are in charge of issues related to direct sales. They are highly skilled and have extensive experience as far as the production of milk is concerned. Their main tasks are: presenting offers which suit the needs of the supplier as best as possible and receiving orders. We encourage you to cooperate with them.