Pricing policy

The pricing policy of Spomlek DC, as far as purchasing milk is concerned, is based on two considerations: ensuring that farmers are satisfied by allowing them to develop, and ensuring that the cooperative also develops and remains economically stable. All decisions taken by our management board connected with financial results, such as optimising costs not connected with raw material, marketing and market operations, are aimed at maximising the purchase price of the milk. There is a single price list for all our suppliers, constituting the basis for calculating how much they receive for their milk. Due receivables for milk are calculated at the end of each calendar month on the basis of the following parameters:

  • physicochemical properties (albumen and fat content),
  • microbiological quality (total number of cells, somatic cells),
  • amounts delivered.

Suppliers who are full shareholders of Spomlek Dairy Cooperative receive a better price for every litre of milk delivered to the cooperative. The final price is based upon the percentage of albumen and fat in the milk.
We cannot refuse to purchase, in agreement with the prices from the current price list, either all or part of the milk from a given batch from members of the cooperative with whom outsourcing agreements have been concluded, provided that such a purchase does not infringe the provisions of the law.