Resources Assessment Laboratory

Spomlek DC is one of the few producers to have a certified resources assessment laboratory. The skills and knowledge of the staff of the laboratory are confirmed by Certificate No. AB 389 issued by Polish Centre for Accreditation in Warsaw. The laboratory conducts analyses for the suppliers of the cooperative and also provides commissioned services to external clients.
The tasks of the laboratory include:

  1. Verifying the quality of raw material and supervising it.
  2. Ensuring that the quality of analyses conducted is appropriate by means of carrying them out in agreement with the principles of best business practice.
  3. Conducting reliable research in agreement with the measurement equipment used.
  4. Ensuring that clients are satisfied with the services provided by means of meeting their requirements.
  5. Continually increasing the effectiveness of the management system used by means of undertaking adjustment and preventive activity when needed and performing quality-related tasks.

Scope of analyses conducted:

  1. Microbiological research:
  • Determining the total number of micro-organisms (with the use of a Bactoscan FC).
  • Determining the number of somatic cells (with the use of a Fossomatic 5000).

    2.    Chemical analyses:
  • Determining fat and albumen content, determining the freezing point depression (with the use of a Milcoscan 6000).
  • Determining water content (with the use of a Cryostar).