The SPOMLEK DC mission

The main goal of Spomlek Dairy Cooperative has always been to provide good and healthy milk products to its customers. We combine tradition with contemporary technology, with numerous well-tried recipes and a well experienced staff that also allows the younger employees to have their say - their ideas are often very innovative. Ensuring the quality of our products is more to us than just an objective - it is the foundation of our work.

We try and understand our clients and business partners as best as we can, identifying and meeting their present and future needs and requirements. This allows our shareholders – farmers and employees – to achieve success and to develop, which is also beneficial to the local community we belong to.

We believe that we are all responsible for unceasing development of ourselves as well as triggering the same in others. We encourage others to act professionally and we expect from our partners that they be experts at what they do and to dedicate themselves to the performance of their respective tasks. We employ the best and we make it possible for them to advance professionally. We use a criterion which ensures that the manner in which we assess our employees is unbiased - we judge them on the basis of the quality of their work for the cooperative. A diversity of opinions leads to positive changes; tolerance and understanding form our corporate culture and are a token by which our employees are recognised.

We respect the law. We use our corporate values and principles in all our decision-making. We suggest solutions only on the basis of reliable facts, including a risk analysis. We are aware of our responsibility for the long-term success of the cooperative and its shareholders.