Veterinary Care

Spomlek Dairy Cooperative has been providing its suppliers (members of the cooperative) with veterinary care for their herds of dairy cows. The veterinary care includes the treatment of subclinical mastitis and cattle infertility. These two ailments are very common and, unfortunately, expensive to treat. The cooperative pays veterinarians for their work - thanks to this, the supplier bears only the cost of the required medicines (which is subtracted from the payment for the milk supplied).

In order to make the treatment of subclinical mastitis more effective, milk samples are taken for bacteriological examination and determining sensitivity to medicines. Such samples can also be taken by the supplier, if the supplier is suitably instructed beforehand, and sent to our laboratory. The supplier bears no costs in connection with the examination, and unfavourable results constitute the basis for initiating treatment.

Veterinarians also offer professional advice as regards prophylaxis, herd management, and feeding. They increase their knowledge at various symposia and training sessions conducted by prominent international experts. They also increase their skills by obtaining degrees in livestock breeding and by becoming experts in cattle diseases.  They share their knowledge with suppliers, inspiring them and co-organising trainings in veterinary prophylaxis, and cattle breeding and feeding.
The most recent service our veterinary clinic offers is ultrasound examination. This is aimed at making the examination of the reproductive system of cattle more reliable in order to manage the herd even more effectively.