Zootechnical care

We conduct a programme of continually supporting the development of the farms of our suppliers. Our experts can help choose suitable modern equipment and give advice on feeding dairy cows and on veterinary prophylaxis. Cooperation gives our suppliers not only revenue but also the opportunity to develop their business activity, making it more modern and more profitable.

In caring for the development of the farms, we offer a wide range of financial support options, such as low-interest loans for the purchase of heifers, agricultural equipment used in producing milk and assessing its quality, modernising cowsheds, and equipping farms with cooling devices. We take into account the economic situation of our suppliers and, due to this, we have introduced assessments of the profitability of milk production. We also co-finance usefulness assessments of dairy cows.

One of our main objectives is to introduce individual counselling concerning the preparation of nutritional programmes. Our experts have professional knowledge, practical skills, and extensive experience, and continue to broaden the scope of their knowledge by participating in various training sessions and courses. They share what they have learnt with farmers, and conduct effective prophylaxis and pilot programmes at the farms.

Thanks to our cooperation with leading companies in the agricultural industry, we can notify breeders cooperating with us of innovative solutions and new products available on the market.

We systematically analyse the equipment-related needs of our suppliers and invest money where needed. In order to facilitate farmers obtaining funds from the European Union, the cooperative purchased equipment for measuring fields. Our suppliers find it easy to meet the requirements connected with submitting area applications, and they can also count on our support as far as their relations with the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture and the Agricultural Market Agency are concerned. Caring for the good sanitary and hygienic condition of cowsheds and, consequently, for the good quality of milk, we purchased a device for whitewashing sheds that we can lend to our suppliers.

Spomlek DC sells all-mash feeds, concentrates, premixes, mineral supplements, silage additives, silage foils, fertilizers, and cleaning and technical products including diesel oil (for a year now). The manner in which we effect settlements with our suppliers is very convenient to them – we simply subtract any amounts due from the remuneration for the milk supplied.